Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups
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Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups

2021 #1 New Business Book Release, Amazon

“A powerful and urgent introduction to lean marketing and the magic of getting it right.” – Seth Godin, author, This is Marketing

You may be familiar with the Silicon Valley expression about the iterative approach to software development, “We’re learning to fly the plane while we’re building it.” If so, think of a startup―with all its moving parts, phases, and personalities―as flying a plane, while you’re building it, booking passengers, marketing the airline, interviewing co-pilots, and serving coffee. In this book, Orly Zeewy navigates the turbulence and provides a flight plan so you know when you’ve landed in the right airport.

In Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups, Orly shares her brand process for building the right team, attracting brand evangelists, and cultivating a sustainable company culture. 

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Why NOT Me? The Female Guide for Entrepreneurship

2025 Release

The book will highlight the stories and lessons learned from the trenches of roughly 40 seasoned women entrepreneurs on the challenges of starting and building their business; what it means to run a business; and how they overcame their “not good-enough” self-talk to do it anyway.

The book is designed to be a guide for young women who are considering entrepreneurship, and for women looking to better understand the role of entrepreneurship thinking in solving today’s complex challenges.

Female entrepreneurs often struggle with getting everything “right” before they launch. Men don’t wait for everything to be perfect before launching, they jump in and figure it out as they go along. Working moms have the added issue of having to wait until their children are older to fully commit to launching a business. As a result, women typically start later than their male counterparts.

It is my hope that more women will consider becoming entrepreneurs. Women founders build more inclusive and collaborative cultures. Data has shown that when investors invest equally in women-led companies as they do in male-led companies, women-led companies have a higher ROI.

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