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I’m an author, public speaker and a  lifelong educator. Since I launched my consulting practice in 2001, I have spoken with 100s of startups. During my research for my book, Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups, I learned that marketing is usually the last thing they consider. Since marketing is the engine to sales, waiting until you have money to pay for marketing ensures that you’ll never have money for marketing.


“This book is never out of sight for me as I iterate on my consulting business and build my thought leadership…A must-have, must-use, must-revisit book for anyone trying to develop any product or sell anything, including services.” –Ann Gemmell, A-Gemm Consulting

Problem / Solution

Think of your LinkedIn profile less as a social media platform and more as a branding platform. Your profile is one of the many touch points to your brand experience. That’s why it’s critical that your profile looks and feels like your website. When the family resemblance is unclear, you’re no longer “on brand” and visitors have trouble connecting your website to your profile. This disconnect is one of the reasons that web visitors don’t turn into prospects. 

If you’ve recently launched a business or are trying to scale, you’ve heard a lot of confusing information about building a brand. That’s why I created a 3-part brand workshop series; to address the three topics that 100 founders and business leaders have shared with me over the past 25 years.

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Workshop #1

Are You A Brand?

Workshop #2

Is Your LinkedIn On Brand?

Workshop #3

What's Your Brand Story?