Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups
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Focus Your Brand with a Customized Package

Brand Building Package
for Startups and Solopreneurs: $1,997

(4) 1-hour Zoom meetings, messaging exercise and prep

If you’re a startup founder, solopreneur or an early-stage business, you’re struggling with two key challenges: you know what you do but don’t know how to communicate it clearly and succinctly so that your ideal prospects want to hear more. Your elevator pitch feels more like a sales pitch and your LinkedIn profile is not attracting your target audience.

  • Brand and Messaging: Together we will clarify your zone of genius, identify who needs it and create key messages to help you attract your target audience
  • Elevator Pitch: Succinctly communicate how you help your ideal clients sleep better at night—in 30 seconds or less
  • Homepage Review and Recommendations: Your homepage is the entry point into your brand and should answer two critical questions: why am I here and why should I care?—in 6 seconds. We will integrate your new key messages to start visitors clicking so you can convert visitors into prospects.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review and Recommendations: Your LinkedIn profile should look and feel like it’s part of your brand family. During this targeted session, we will focus on your banner and title to help your ideal prospects find you and remember you. We will review engagement strategies to help you cut through the noise. 

LinkedIn Rebrand for Company Leaders and C-Suite Executives: $3,500

(6) 1-hour Zoom meetings, personal brand exercise and (up to) 4 hours copywriting/editing

8/10 B2B leads come from LinkedIn yet many profiles are invisible. Leaders know that they need to be on LinkedIn, but they often struggle to attract their ideal clients. The likely culprit is a profile focused on their accomplishments instead of their clients’ “why.” A LinkedIn rebrand is more than a refresh. It will become a member of your brand family so you can build a strong and memorable brand. 

  • Brand Awareness: Move from invisible to attracting your ideal clients
    Through a personal brand exercise, you’ll get a deeper understanding of who you are, who you help and why it matters
  • Brand Identity: A headline that helps visitors remember you and a banner that highlights one key takeaway that your ideal client can expect from working with you. keeps visitors scrolling and an about section that
  • Business Lead Generator: The about section positions you as an expert, your brand as a “go-to” for measurable results and an actionable call to action (CTA). Your past work experience and resume are reworked into a narrative that highlights why you, why now, and how you help your clients sleep better at night.

Brand Workshops for Corporations: Starting at $5,000

Half-Day and Full day workshops for teams and company retreats

Has your company recently grown or undergone a merger? One of the key challenges during M & A activity is the need to align everyone under a shared vision. Teams work best when they understand how individual roles support the company’s values. Productivity and retention go up when everyone is on the same page. 

  • Establish Shared Vision: Identify company core values and put into perspective how the role of each team member supports and advances the company’s vision
  • Value Proposition: The company’s “why?”
  • Brand Voice: Who are we as a brand?
  • Ideal Target Market: Identify 2-4 key customer segments
  • Competitive Advantage: Deep dive into customer segments and what we offer that they can’t get elsewhere
  • Key Messages: How we engage with our customers and build brand loyalty

Takeaways: participants will walk away with a deep understanding of key brand essentials: What makes our brand unique? How do we convey brand differentiation to our key target market(s)? Key messages to help us cut through the noise while strengthening our brand

Deliverables: Road map or blueprint that includes brand core values (up to 3) and a clear vision of what our brand offers to the key target market. A PPT outlining findings and recommendations is included and provided within 2 weeks of the retreat. 

Schedule time with Orly

20-minute Complimentary Discovery Call

We will review your messaging challenges and identify three key thing you can do to now to increase brand visibility and attract more of your ideal clients.

1-hour Brand Strategy Session: $500

During this customized session, we will clarify your superpower, identify your target audience, and review your offerings in the context of a brand. At the end of the hour, we will set concrete next steps that you can implement. Fee includes a recording of your session.

3-hour Brand Strategy Bundle: $1,200

If you need more time but you're not ready to book a package, this option offers the best value. At the end of the three hours, you will have a deeper understanding of your ideal client, a memorable elevator pitch, and web recommendations to help you increase engagement. Fee includes a recording of each session.

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