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Brands Talk – Turning Fuzzy Messaging into LinkedIn Gold

Brands Talk – Turning Fuzzy Messaging into LinkedIn Gold w/ Orly Zeewy
AUG 15, 2023 SEASON 11 EPISODE 119
Brigitte Bojkowszky

Listen Here: Brands Talk: Turning Fuzzy Messaging into LinkedIn Gold


Ever wished your LinkedIn profile could stop the scroll and attract your ideal clients?

If you’ve been longing for that ‘wow’ factor in your LinkedIn presence, this episode of Brand Talks is your ultimate guide to transforming fuzzy messaging into LinkedIn gold!

Orly Zeewy, the Facilitator of Lightbulb Moments, unveils the secrets to crafting a powerful LinkedIn profile that resonates with your audience, turns heads, and drives revenue.

🎧 In this episode, we explore the magic behind making your LinkedIn profile a brand touchpoint and a sales engine.

Orly Zeewy, the expert on clarity and messaging, provides actionable insights to ensure your profile captures attention, engages visitors, and converts connections into valuable relationships.

What we tackle:

  • Is Your LinkedIn on Brand? Learn how to create a profile that aligns with your brand identity.
  • What’s the section that can truly stop the scroll on your profile? Discover the scroll-stopping secret.
  • How can you turn your profile into a client magnet? Get three essential elements for attracting ideal clients.
  • What’s the real purpose of your ‘About’ section? Craft a compelling story that resonates.
  • When and how should you ask for recommendations? Uncover the art of giving and receiving recommendations effectively.
  • Discover the importance of creator mode and how to strategically wield it on LinkedIn.
  • Unleash the power of engagement as the golden ticket to authenticity and intrigue, and learn to craft messages that command a resounding ‘YES’!

Transform your LinkedIn profile and shine like gold.

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