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Digi Dialogue: Leveraging Your Brand


Welcome to The Digi Dialogue Series

Thanks for taking the time to be here. I’m your host, Dennise, and I provide digital marketing strategy support to 2nd Act women business owners and I created this info session to connect you with the knowledge you need for a strategic digital presence that is meaningful so you foster long-term relationships with your clients, online. For example, did you know that Engaged clients spend over 23% more, on average? So it would make sense by investing time on your social, your website, etc. helps your business grow.

If you would like to strategize some ideas on how to do that – or if you know someone who would – I offer strategy chats to get that process started. This a fantastic way for either you DIYers, or those who work with a team, to revisit and rethink how your online activities can help you build your business:… Sessions take place the third Thursday of the month at 12 pm ET. Learn more at Today’s Expert: Orly Zeewy – Leveraging Your Brand to Build Relationships with Your Online Community #businessrelationshipsmatter #digitalmarketingstrategy

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