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Town Square

The New Town Square

The New Town Square

In Ancient Rome, the town square was the heart of the town. It was the place where people gathered to catch up on local news, visited with friends and family from neighboring towns, and bought goods from peddlers passing through. Those peddlers also brought news of the outside world.

Today’s town square is virtual and very crowded. News from every corner of the world is available to us 24/7.

The numbers speak for themselves.

YouTube alone hosts 1.5B monthly users worldwide. Collectively, we watch 5B YouTube videos every day and upload 300 hours of video every minute. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire for connection and community. That’s why we join networks, engage in daily, weekly and monthly virtual conversations and post millions of likes every day—1.6B on Instagram; 4M Facebook likes every minute.

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