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One Knight in Product: Nailing your Brand Marketing by Embracing your Zone of Genius

In this episode, Orly Zeewy speaks about the ins and outs of brand marketing, and why startup founders need to rethink marketing.

Orly Zeewy is an experienced marketer who “makes the fuzzy clear”. She’s passionate about helping startup founders get their branding right, and enabling them to identify their own “zones of genius” where they win. She does this through her consultancy, Zeewy Brands, as well as her book, “Ready, Launch, Brand”.

Episode highlights:

1. Branding is not just a fancy logo and a cool company name
The true definition of a brand is that it is the sum of all experiences that customers have with an organisation over time. Brands don’t live in the minds of the company, or its founders. They live in the minds of their customers.

2. Marketing is not just a widget, it’s a fundamental cost of running your business, and results take time
Some startup founders either don’t bother with marketing at all, or they give up as soon as the first thing they try doesn’t work. But, you need to start early and invest for the long term. There are so many brands competing for mindshare and you need to make sure that you remain part of that in an attention-poor market.

3. Your company website is your front door, and you need to explain clearly why people should care about you
It can be pretty common for companies to either ignore their website entirely or try to cram as much information as possible on there and overwhelm potential customers. Your website is likely to be the first touchpoint that a potential customer has with your brand, and you need to clearly and concisely explain why they should care about you.

4. Not everyone has done this work upfront, but it’s important to meet people where they are
Yes, it’s easier to intercept avoidable problems before they occur, but there are plenty of good conversations you can have whatever the situation within the company. It’s never too late to try to make a difference, and you can find that the entire company will get energised and rally to the cause once you’ve put the work in to define what the cause really is.

5. People, and organisations, have Zones of Genius and they should focus and stay in their lane
It can be really common for founders and solopreneurs to try to solve every problem for everyone because they’re interested in everything and they think that it will increase their chances of success. But, if you can find the thing you’re uniquely good at and focus your efforts there then you have a much higher chance of sticking in someone’s mind and being their go-to solution for that specific problem.

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